[Top 5 (Plus 5)] Favorite Games of the Decade [2010-2019]

2014 // South Park: The Stick of Truth

I didn’t really get to play a lot of stuff from 2014. A lot of games were on next-gen hardware at the time while I was still on the PS3. I wouldn’t make the switch until the next year.

Stick of Truth, though – still manages to stand out for me. It was a lot of fun – the mechanics felt good, the story was great & the visuals matched the show almost perfectly. To the point that I almost wonder if the framerate issues it had were intentional. The show looks terrible on purpose, after all.

If you want my full thoughts on the game, you can see my review right here.

Stick of Truth had a lot going against it – multiple delays, nearly being canceled, and just South Park’s own history of less than stellar games. But Obsidian managed to pull off a miracle and actually created a worthwhile game set in the South Park canon that wasn’t just a collection of trivia and mini-games.

It’s a great game, and frankly – even if you aren’t the biggest fan of South Park, it’s still worth checking out.

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