[Top 5 (Plus 5)] Favorite Games of the Decade [2010-2019]

2011 // Bulletstorm

This was a tough one, honestly. 2011 was a fairly big year for games, with quite a few of my favorites coming out.

It was hard to pick just one. Saints Row: The Third, Portal 2, Skyrim, Dark Souls, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Driver: San Francisco, Mortal Kombat 9 – the list goes on.

Ultimately though, my favorite of the year was Bulletstorm. It was the game I had the most fun with – even though Skyrim is the game I played the longest. Skyrim had a lot of problems – like most Bethesda games – that just keep it from being my number 1 for this year. Bulletstorm wasn’t perfect, but it did what it set out to do with little getting in the way.

Also, the Smash TV arcade game-like gameplay really scratched an itch that needed scratching. The characters were great, the writing was creative (The way swears were handled is one of my favorite things about the writing. Nothing is ever actually that vulgar as far as words used. “Ass” and “Maggot” are fairly tame words, all things considered – but combine them together and it creates a terrible image.)

It’s also just a blast to actually play – even with the now infamous “Unreal 3-ness” of the game.

On To 2012!
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