[Top 5] Favorite Games of 2020


Ah, Resident Evil 3.

The game was always going to have the problem of being a double-dip. A second attempt at something that was amazing the first time. Much like the original game.

Coming so soon after the remake of the great Resident Evil 2, RE3 could have really fallen short. It had a lot to live up to, and a lot could have gone wrong. However, it managed to at least be as good as the previous game.

It also managed to do just enough different that it doesn’t just feel like a 100% rehash. Entirely new environments, clever reuse of previous assets to create new stuff, revisiting some areas to help tie it back into the previous game.

Even the safes that appear in RE2 originally and overlap with RE3 have the same passcodes. It’s kind of neat and makes it more apparent that this is the same area. Leon and Claire haven’t been through here yet – but they will be soon.

It’s not perfect – it’s a bit short (It just features less overall content than RE2), and the overall gameplay isn’t improved that much over the previous game.

But it’s still a fun, enjoyable time. I enjoyed it so much, in fact, I even put in the time to actually Platinum/100% the game on PSN – something I hardly ever do unless the game hooks me.

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