[Top 5] Favorite Games of 2020

#5 // THE CREW 2

I’m a huge racing game fan. Anyone who really knows me knows that. I’ve played a lot of them over the years. Every genre/permutation you can think of.

From Wipeout, Pole Position, and Top Gear – to Gran Turismo, GRID, and Project CARS.

It’s probably one of my most played genres.

When the original The Crew came out, I was extremely interested in it. It seemed like it would be a good successor to titles like Test Drive Unlimited, with tons of customization, race types, and even a full-on plot to follow: something I’m always keen on for an arcade racer.

And then I got it. Now, don’t mistake my tone – I love The Crew. Especially after the Wild Run and Calling All Units updates/DLC (Because they added more of what I actually wanted.). It’s just that I expected more of a racing game and instead got what felt like a spiritual successor to Driver. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – I love Driver. Especially San Francisco. I just wanted more than that.

The Crew 2 is what I wanted.

It simplifies things by simply allowing you to buy specific disciplines of vehicles, rather than needing to buy a base car and then buy an upgrade.

The game focuses more on actual racing instead of doing weird missions that ultimately waste the potential of certain classes (like Rally Raid and Rallycross).

Ivory Tower also added new race disciplines, including air and sea. This also means it makes better use of the massive open-world map that was pioneered in the first game.

The Crew 2 certainly still has shortcomings that I’m not too keen on, but they’re less actual problems with the game itself, and more trappings of the MMO genre that The Crew 2 is also a part of.

As of these last few months I’ve started playing the game a lot more. I’ve put nearly 300 hours into it. Got almost all of my disciplines maxed out, started playing the LIVE Summit more – even made Platinum rank twice in a row on it!

While the grind for parts can be a bit of a drag for some disciplines, I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent doing it – which is weird, because I usually hate grinding at all.

Something about getting a full set of Legendary yellow parts for a car and then using the set bonus to get a high rank in the Summit is a lot of fun.

The free content updates have been great too – and I’ve really been enjoying the Motorflix/Motorpass update, even without buying the Premium version of it.

This has been a game that helped me get through these last few months. A lot. It’s just an enjoyable time, and it’s what I really like in my racing games.

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