[Top 5] Favorite Games of 2018

#3 // Monster Hunter: World

I’ve never really played Monster Hunter that much, with the exception of Freedom Unite and a few Monster Hunter-likes such asSoul Sacrifice or Freedom Wars.

I’ve always been interested in playing the series, but never had the proper console/handheld to play them on – it was always PSP, DS or Wii, which I never really owned.

So, you can imagine how excited I was to finally have a console entry I could actually get my hands on! And it was pretty! New! And would be more accessible to newcomers! These were all things I wanted out of the game, and Capcom delivered in spades.

Ever since starting it a few months ago, it’s been one of the only games I’ve really played this year, in between practice and recording sessions for Street Fighter V and other playthroughs. I’ve constantly come back to it – and it always feels great, and I always end up losing multiple hours to it. There’s almost something zen-like about tracking a monster, following its tracks and stalking its habitat before finally getting into a knock-down, drag-out fight with it.

Most of my time has been offline and solo – and the game works great as a solo affair – but it also works great when you’re hunting with buddies, everyone using their own weapons and strategies to take down a massive, difficult beast.

The constant adding of new and repeat events, weekly bounties for resources, new, free monsters and quests – as well as some great, entertaining crossover events with series’ that both seem weird, but also make a ton of sense – like Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry and The Witcher – Capcom has done quite well supporting this title, and I can’t wait to see what Iceborne brings to the table.

It won’t be leaving my collection anytime soon.

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