[Top 5] Favorite Games of 2018

#5 // Iconoclasts

It’s rare that I get a game through PlayStation Plus that I really wanted, didn’t have and genuinely ended up enjoying. I can count them on my fingers, honestly.

Ever since seeing the Super Best Friends play Noitu Love 2, I had an interest in Konjak’s next game. The art style, the dialogue, and most of all the gameplay – everything works wonderfully together.

Now, I haven’t had a chance to actually finish Iconoclasts yet, but I’ve put a fair amount of time into it since earlier this month.

The game is less of a Treasure shooter, with less focus on crazy shooting/combat and mobility and more of a focus on exploration ala the Metroidvania style – going through the game, getting upgrades and abilities and then using those abilities to further explore areas. It’s great.

The music, the gorgeously animated pixel art sprites, the game is full of charm – even the saving icon when you reach a checkpoint is a literal checkpoint – and the game, most importantly, feels great to play. Everything is fast and responsive.

I love this game so far, and I definitely see myself playing it for awhile to come.

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