[Top 5] Games That Deserve: HD Remasters or Sequels

#5 Tourist Trophy

Tourist Trophy Gran Turismo with motorcycles. What else is there to say?

What is it in need of?

An HD remaster, as well as a sequel.

Why does it deserve it?

This was quite possibly the best motorcycle sim around. The team at Polyphony Digital (Best known for their work on the Gran Turismo franchise), took the already amazing engine for Gran Turismo 4, tweaked it just a bit to accommodate two wheels, instead of four, and released this title that quickly became a cult hit among those who played it.

The game featured just about everything from GT, including the ability to customize your motorcycles inner workings. Although there were no parts to purchase, you could tweak just about any setting on the bike that you could think of.

I would love to not only see Polyphony re-release this title [Possibly alongside GT3 and 4 as well] in beautiful HD, but I’d like to see them revisit this series as well. Tweak the GT5 engine for bikes and give us a Tourist Trophy 2!

Or, possibly, add bikes into GT6. You’ve added vans, SUVs and pick-up trucks to the mix – why not bikes?

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