[Top 5] Favorite Games of 2020

UPDATE: There’s been a bit of an update to this article! I realized I left out one of my Honorable Mentions for the year. That has now been rectified!

So. This one is going to be a bit…different, this year. 2020 was a garbage year in more ways than one. Because of it, I haven’t really been able to play much that one would consider “new”.

But don’t get me wrong, I played new releases. It’s just that most of those new releases were remasters or remakes of some kind. Very few were actually new titles.

And even fewer of those made the top of my list.

As such: this year I’ll be including just the games I’ve been playing the absolute most, so long as they were never on a previous “Favorite Games” list of mine. This means you may see an entry or 2 for a game that isn’t necessarily from 2020.

Other lists are fair game, such as “Favorite Songs”. Only the “Favorite Games of 20XX” lists are excluded. However – Honorable Mentions don’t have this same limitation.

Other than that, the rules/stipulations are the same as any other year.

  • I have to have actually played the game myself. No just watching a let’s play/stream.
  • I don’t have to have finished the game – though usually, that’s the case anyway.
  • These are not the best games of 2020. These are the games that I, personally, have enjoyed and played the most this year.
  • There is no ranking to this list. #5 is no worse than #1. They’re just the games I’ve played and enjoyed the most this year.

All clear on that?

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James Headrick
James Headrick

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