[Top 5] Favorite Video Game Songs

Alongside gameplay and graphics – music is one of the biggest things that can make or break a gaming experience. It might not be quite as important as the game mechanics – but a well crafted soundtrack can help to fully immerse you within the world the game creators have, well, created.

An amazingly well done song during a massive boss fight can make that boss feel much more daunting. It can make that narrow hallway that much creepier, or that beautiful crystal palace that much more magical.

This list features nothing but original music that I’ve absolutely adored. It spans multiple generations and multiple consoles. Narrowing it down to only 5 was a tough thing to do.

Because of that – I’ll also have a small list at the end of this for a few “Honorable Mentions”.

Now, in no particular order – because I couldn’t POSSIBLY rank these songs – here are what I consider, after a long consideration, my Top 5 “Favorite Video Game Songs”!

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James Headrick
James Headrick

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