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SUPERHOT had me hooked as a Unity demo nearly 4 years ago. Has the game evolved at all since then?
Final Fantasy XV took a long, long time to release -- was it worth the wait?
The Surge is a game that wears its influences on its sleeve - does it do enough different to set itself apart from the series it so heavily resembles?
Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is a fun game, marred by myriad technical issues and a bland, clichéd narrative.
Rain World is certainly a bit of a unique take on the 2D platformer - but does it succeed in its endeavors, and is it worth braving the brutal, bone-crushing rains to experience?
DiRT Rally is a pretty stark departure from the previous DiRT titles - was Codemasters' gambit worth it?
After various delays, a rocky start and 2 years worth of updates and add-ons - how does Driveclub fare in the realm of racing games?
Housemarque - known for Dead Nation, Super Stardust & Resogun - are back with another outing on the PS4, "Alienation". How does it fare?
A game 13 years in the making, how does a new Amplitude hold up today?
What could be the final entry in a long running series, does The Phantom Pain disappoint?