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Itsuno and the team are finally allowed to make the Devil May Cry they've wanted to - how does it fare? Was it worth the wait?
17 years of wishing. After the massive success of the original Resident Evil Remake, does this new take on the classic RE2 hold the same weight?
FUTUREGRIND isn't exactly original - but is it a good addition to the highspeed stunt platforming genre?
A boring slog of a beat-em-up. Last Action Hero takes an already mediocre film and attaches it to an abysmal, unfun game that it never even deserved in the first place.
Has the time spent in Steam's "Early Access" paid off for Motion Twin? Or is Dead Cells just another waste of everyone's time and money like so many before it?
Awful name pun aside, is the remaster of Red Faction Guerrilla really worth the time after 9 years?
I absolutely loved Spearhead Games' previous title, Stories - does Omensight manage to live up to that?
Gravel isn't exactly unique - but does it do enough to make it actually worth looking into?
InnerSpace is a very simple game. In the vein of titles like Flower - but is its unique setting enough to differentiate it?
There are many games that could be considered "walking simulators" and "survival" games - The Solus Project attempts to merge the two genres - does it succeed?