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It's been almost 10 years since KoA has seen a new DLC - does Fatesworn add anything worthwhile to the table?
MudRunner is a hard sell. Does the American Wilds expansion do anything to make it a bit more digestible?
This is one of my all-time favorite fighting games - but why? Hopefully this review can answer that question. (Updated version of a 2008 review I wrote before!)
Darksiders Genesis is a new but familiar take on the series - but does it work out well?
Blazing Chrome header image
JoyMasher seeks to recapture some of that old nostalgic magic of arcade shooters past with Blazing Chrome - but just how Metal is this Slug?
FUTUREGRIND isn't exactly original - but is it a good addition to the highspeed stunt platforming genre?
Has the time spent in Steam's "Early Access" paid off for Motion Twin? Or is Dead Cells just another waste of everyone's time and money like so many before it?
InnerSpace is a very simple game. In the vein of titles like Flower - but is its unique setting enough to differentiate it?
Does this sequel live up to the funky cult classic? Or does it fall short, like a musician past their prime?