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ELEX 2 is a game with a lot of potential, but even more rough edges.
A game marred by a relatively disastrous launch - has anything changed in the 1+ year's time since its release? Have things improved?
Dirt 5 marks a notable shift into a much heavier focus on offroad, arcade racing - how does that end up working out?
It's been almost 10 years since KoA has seen a new DLC - does Fatesworn add anything worthwhile to the table?
Biomutant is a mixed bag. With middling highs and underground lows. It struggles to find its footing at any given time - but it can be fun.
MudRunner is a hard sell. Does the American Wilds expansion do anything to make it a bit more digestible?
Kingdoms of Amalur slipped by many people - despite its quality. Here's hoping a second chance can help it out.
Mortal Shell Review Header
Does Mortal Shell manage to work as a placeholder game for a genre that's filled with wannabes? Does it manage to set itself apart?
Destroy All Humans! was a pretty decent game back in 2005 - have Black Forest Games managed to improve on the foundation at all?
Resident Evil 3 falls into a strange place - being a widely wanted remake while also being a follow-up. Does it manage to set itself apart from Resident Evil 2 enough?