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This took a while - but it's finally done: My favorite games of the last 10 years.
This is it - I spent months working on this list, and I've finally gotten my thoughts together. It's time to reveal my Top 5 Games of 2018!
Couldn't do a proper Top 5 for 2016, so did the next best thing - my most anticipated games of 2017!
The year's now pretty much over. Time to compile the list of my favorite games that appeared this year! These are ReviewHaven's GOTY choices!
After weeks and weeks of mulling it over, I countdown my top 5 boss fights in games.
Here we go - my Top 5 games of 2013. A few months late, but it's here none-the-less!
This is the hardest Top 5 I've ever done yet. It's almost impossible to narrow my choices down to just 5 - but I did, so take a look to see what they are!
A new feature I'll try to do on the site: Top 5 lists! Starting with my Top 5 games that I feel should either have a sequel, or HD remake/remaster.