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My name is James Headrick ( Most may know me a little better as Fox, or SniperFox ), and I run 2 websites: VenomGraphics and ReviewHaven. I have now started a Patreon page in an attempt to support both of these projects.

VenomGraphics ( ) is my graphic design portfolio, where I generally house my artwork – fractal art, and various other projects – such as motion graphic projects, or logo designs.

ReviewHaven ( ) is a site that I run that does game reviews, but also extends into YouTube and Twitch for streaming and gameplay videos/full longplays.

My ultimate goal with this Patreon ( ) is to raise enough money to be able to afford proper hosting for both sites instead of having to use a free host, as well as boosting advertising for my VenomGraphics RedBubble ( ) & Society6 ( ) shops. I also would like to upgrade my PC to be able to create more fractals, faster, as well as stream ( ) at a much better quality than I currently can.

As of now, I currently try to create at least 1 new fractal print a month. Sometimes 2. I also have videos posting to the YouTube channel ( ) every week.

What Is It For?

So, what are my goals with this? Simple –

The first, and honestly main goal, is a new PC. One that I can use for both rendering fractals, and working on game videos/streaming for ReviewHaven.

I’m looking to get parts that I can use to render fractals much faster, and that will be able to handle things like Premiere and Photoshop much better – so things like more RAM, a new CPU, a better GPU, etc.

This one is a one-time goal, and will be removed from the Patreon page once reached.

Second, is hosting costs. A 3-year plan with my current hosting provider is $3.95/month, multiplied by 2. This is a monthly goal, and would be the only goal that actually stays on the page.

What Will You Get?

Now, you might be asking “what do I get for donating?” – I’ve got an answer for that too.

First, allow me to thank you from the bottom of my heart for considering a donation at all! By donating $1 or more you are:

  • Supporting both ReviewHaven and VenomGraphics by keeping them afloat and allowing me to upgrade hardware/purchase new software & games to use – things like a Chaotica license to have higher quality fractal renders, or a new video switch board to make streaming multiple consoles easier.
  • Receiving access to Patron exclusive posts. While most posts will be open to everyone, there will be screens/videos that will be made exclusive to Patrons – usually small snippets of gameplay ( Like so. ) and preview screens of projects I’m working on.
  • Getting your name featured. Pledge $1 or more and your name will be featured on both websites (VenomGraphics & ReviewHaven ), as well as in a snippet at the end of any videos I make that feature an end card.

It’s entirely optional, but every little bit goes a long way to helping me get to a place I want to be, so thank you again! I’m never going to ask for more than $1 at a time, so if you decide to donate more, know that it is greatly, greatly appreciated and that I cannot possibly thank you enough.

If I manage to start making any real income – either from Patreon, or from either of my shops, then I can start offering other rewards for higher donations. Time will tell.

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James Headrick
James Headrick

Gamer & Fractal Artist. // Lover of giant robots & Fighting in Streets. I've been gaming for over 20 years, and writing reviews for over 10 now. ReviewHaven is my baby.

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