[Top 5] ReviewHaven 2013 Game(s) of the Year

I know it’s a bit on the late side, but I wanted to be sure I could play everything on my nominee list before actually writing this article. Thanks to Playstation Plus, that actually became possible! I likely never would have gotten this done otherwise.

2013, to me anyway, seemed to be a pretty good year for games – we had some great titles appear, and we ushered in a new generation of consoles.

This list will be my own, personal top 5 favorite games that came out last year. Now, I’d like to make a major note and say that I don’t have access to every platform, so I clearly can’t play every title that came out. Any platform exclusives that weren’t on the Playstation 3 I had no real way of playing. My PC is also better as a workstation than a gaming PC, so those games were a bit out of the question as well.

That being said – the majority of games on this list are actually multiplatform, so there’s no real bias here. So, what say we get on with the show here?

Notice: The games listed here are my own, personal favorites of last year. In no way does this mean the games are technically perfect, or the best of the best. These are just the games I enjoyed the most out of everything I played. Unlike my others, this list is also in a specific order – ranking from the least enjoyed, to most enjoyed.

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James Headrick
James Headrick

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