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As you’ve probably noticed, a rating system has been implemented.

This is because a review does need a resolution. It needs something to give the reader a better idea of what the game is worth. This page will explain what the ratings mean.

What They Mean //

First things first: There are still no scores. Arbitrary numbers mean nothing, especially since no game tends to get below a 7-8 these days. There’s a reason for that – but it’s not some weird conspiracy. It’s just that no one really covers the 5 and below games anymore outside of the rare blip when something is so bad it can’t be ignored. Or when they do it gets no real traction in the greater gaming sphere, outside of a hotly anticipated game that turned out to be a disaster.

You know: The Duke Nukem: Forever(s) and Too Human(s) of the world.

Instead, I’ve opted for a “Buy/Rent/Skip” scale. It’s quick & to the point.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down to what they mean

Rating for Buy

Buy It!

This rating means the game is worth your time and hard earned money. By no means perfect, it is worth owning, and there is a great deal of fun, content, and overall lasting appeal to be had with this title. You’ll probably be playing it again and again.

Rating for Rent

Rent It!

This rating means the game is worth your time but not the full asking price. There are likely a few big flaws in the game, and it’s probably a very short title, without a lot to offer. It’s fun, but not fun enough to own. Likely to be played once or twice completely, and then forgotten.

Rating for Skip

Skip It!

This rating means the game is barely worth the plastic it’s stored in, let alone your time and hard earned cash. Flaws and bugs abound, what fun there might be in the game, is quickly washed away by the fact that you just can’t get it to work. When it does work, it tries to fight you at every turn. Just look past it at the shop. Don’t even bother renting it.

Rating for Kill it with Fire


The acronym for “Kill It With Fire”. This rating is the epitome of awful. A game so bad that absolutely no joy could be derived from it, no matter what. Broken mechanics, unfair AI, terrible presentation – everything about this game is awful.

Rating for Try

Try It!

This is a unique rating. Only given to games that maybe aren’t out yet, but have demos available to try. Or games that are Free-to-Play, and cost nothing to try out. This means you should at least take time out to check it out, and see if it might interest you.